I have quite a few passions in my life right now.  I have always been a passionate writer, and I have not really had an outlet for that in a long time.  Therefore, I decided to take my one passion and use it to talk about some of my other passions.  I can’t really say I know this is going to go anywhere, but I would like to think I’ll develop a long list of readers who will want to read my posts.  Maybe that won’t happen at all.  However, this site will be fore me to talk about music I like, beers I’m drinking, and things in my life I want to talk about.  Probably less about me and more about the other two.  So if you like what you read please subscribe, comment, and keep me interested in doing thing.



  1. Welcome to the writing life. I need to do some writing everyday or else I wither into a husk and blow away in the wind. I wish you luck as you match wits with words.

  2. So, there are two of us, it seems. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Yeah glad to see that, I’m trying to build some type of reader base, so thanks for stopping by as well.

      • I will say that my beer posts have garnered much more interest than music reviews. The only music posts that get attention are the ones about being a music fan in general. No one cares when I review a record or show. Good luck.

  3. Hey, I need some DC beer hunting advice. I will be in a hotel at Reagan/National and doing work during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday and possibly the next three evenings, I plan to do a little beer hunting. I’ve found Connecticut Avenue Wine & Liquor Deli and the nearby 1 West Dupont Circle Wine And Liquor for some white whales my club needs for a future tasting. Do you have any other suggestions? What are typical hours for these places? Where should I grab a bite to eat and a pint. If only I didn’t have to work in between…

    • Hey I’m really sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’ve been pretty busy as of late. I think this may be a little late for a response, but there is a great store around Union Station called Schneiders as well. I’m not positive if you’ll be in that area at all. Also, there are a few really good places to go for food and a wide variety of beers. If you want a good neighborhood for hunting around go to H Street or the Atlas district. They have quite a few places there with good stuff on tap. There is a beer garden, but there is also Granville Moore’s (Belgian), The Pug (dive bar), The Argonaut (step up from a dive), and a bunch of other places. If you happen to find it, try a DC Brau.

      • Thanks anyway. I did alright in the couple of evenings I ran around town. I hit Pizzeria Paradiso for beers and pizza and happened to meet Brian of Stillwater Artisanal Ales as he sat at the bar. I then hit a couple of nearby bottle shops for some good beers to bring back to Missouri. The next night I just went to a Whole Foods for a couple of beers to have with dinner in the hotel. The following night, I drank and ate at ChurchKey before seeing Bill Calahan at the Rock and Roll Hotel. I’d provide a list of beers consumed, but it’s a bit embarrassing (in that it’s a lot of beer for three nights). That said, I did try The Corruption at ChurchKey and was impressed.

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