Thanksgiving Drinking

As it is already Thanksgiving, I’m sure most of you have already decided what it is you will be drinking while giving thanks today.  I’m basically here to let you know what I’ll be having and to ask you what you’ll be drinking.  I don’t really think of Thanksgiving as a big drinking holiday.  I didn’t grow up in a house where you see a lot of alcohol, but still, I went out to the store last night to secure something for the few days here. Interestingly I saw plenty of people picking up quite a few different libations for their big turkey day. I guess my family is just more of a rarity.  Regardless, you’ll find that my selections don’t really focus on the actual dinner, instead they seem to  focus on more of the follow up.

A lot of the Thanksgiving beer blogs I read focused on what people would be drinking at each part of the meal.  While I would like to plan out the appetizer, dinner, and dessert beers, I recognize I won’t be drinking anything until after the meal.  My life is slightly different when I’m back in my childhood home.  I may have a glass of wine of something during dinner, but I’m saving my beer selection for dessert and after the meal fun.

I had really only planned on having one beer on Thanksgiving day, but I went out to the store to see what was available in this area.  Of course, I couldn’t help myself when it came to purchasing beer.  If all goes as planned, the first beer I’ll be drinking is one from Rogue Brewing Co. Since I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, I decided I would bring this bottle of Pumpkin Patch Ale for my dessert. This is actually a beer I haven’t seen in the stores.  I was given this one by a friend at our house warming party.  At this point I had started to think about giving up pumpkins for the season, so I decided this would the perfect one to end the season for me.  Pumpkin Patch is part of Rogue’s GYO series.  GYO stands for Grow You Own, hence they grow their own pumpkins 77 miles away from their brewery and right next to their 42 acre hop yard.  They pick the pumpkins, roast them, and get them in the brew.  While I’ve found myself becoming quite skeptical of Rogue’s more “out there” brews, this one sounds like a good chance at a great pumpkin beer.

The second beer I decided on may result in drinking more than one.  Since it’s a smaller bottle, and I bought a six pack, I can’t make promises that I won’t end up watching some football and drinking two or more of these.  I decided I would use my second beer to transition from fall to winter beers.  As you’ll find when I really start reviewing the winter beers, I don’t mind a beer that has some Christmas spice, but I decided to go with something big and malty for my winter representative.  Therefore I picked up a six pack of Great Divide’s Hibernation ale.  I did have one bottle of these last year, but I decided to jump headlong into this old ale this year.  I’m thinking I may brew an old ale next.  I’m kind of between that or a scotch ale, so I wanted to also remind myself of what an old ale is like.  I figure if you can drink a good glass of scotch or bourbon after a big meal, I can drink a big malty beer for my after dinner drink as well.

I have a feeling my selections don’t reflect what most beer enthusiasts will be doing this holiday, but I have a few other things to take into consideration.  I’m happy to use my day to transition from fall into winter and check out a style I’m considering brewing.  So what are you drinking this holiday?


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