Black (Beer) Friday Reminder

Every year I’ve been married I’ve experienced the mayhem that is the shopping experience of Black Friday.  Growing up I can

Last Years Black Beer

remember my mother emphasizing the fact that you don’t travel within 5 miles of a mall the day after Thanksgiving.  My wife, on the other hand, flocks to these locations seeking the best deals.  To her credit, she rarely shops for herself and she gets almost all of her holiday shopping done on this day.  By the time noon rolls around I have, however, already lost the Christmas spirit and am ready to give up.  That’s why I thought up Black (Beer) Friday last year.

As I’m sure many of you have read on here, I’ve already taken the plunge into dark beers for the season.  Yesterday I reviewed a stout and tomorrow I plan to have a stout review on one of the more intriguing stouts I’ve had in a while.  However, just like it would seem we use the day after Thanksgiving to transition into the Christmas season, I think it’s a good day to transition into our heavier winter and Christmas beers.  Now it’s the thought of grabbing a nice dark beer after a long day of traversing the crowds at the mall that keeps me going.

So, this Friday consider picking up a beer that is blacker than the coal most of us will be getting in our stockings this Christmas.  I don’t care if it’s a stout, porter, or black IPA.  You won’t earn a special badge for it on your Untapped App but maybe, like me, you’ll have something to look forward to while being dragged around a crowded department store.

Last year I used Black Beer Friday as an opportunity to check out the offerings at Victory Brewing Co’s brew pub.  This year I hope to hit up a similar spot.  I’ll be in NJ this year, so I may need to visit Cricket Hill or some other brewery up that way.  Whether I end up at a brewery or my favorite pub back home, I’ll make sure I’m drinking something dark.


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  1. […] a second day of Turkey and family, which was actually very nice. But earlier in the week I read this post and it got my mouth wet for a good dark beer. I knew I had this Breckenridge in the fridge at home, […]

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