DC Brau Brewing Co – On the Wings of Armageddon

I’m hoping every city has local boys they like to support in the craft beer scene.  I ‘m sure it’s tougher to do in smaller country towns, but there has to be something close enough that you would want to support.  The beer scene here in DC is only continuing to grow.  DC Brau has taken the obvious reigns, but they have some other breweries that are also joining the craft beer boom as well.  Port City Brewery in Virginia is another big player in the area right now.  I don’t think they have quite the same notoriety, but they are certainly right up there.  Some of the smaller breweries that are starting to make a splash are Chocolate City and 3 Stars Brewing.  Chocolate City has been around for a little while, but they are still expanding.  3 Stars is pretty much just starting, but they have opened up a homebrew store in DC which is awesome.  So they may quickly win my hearts.

I’ve talked about DC Brau on here, but I’ve never actually sat down and done a full review of one of their beers here.  For a little while now they have started to can and bottle their beers in bombers.  The bombers are pretty new to their line-up, but the beers that are in them are some of the specialty ones they have been making for their growler hours.  Some of the beers I’ve seen in bombers are Penn Quarter Porter, El Hefe Speaks Hefeweizen, The Stone of Arbroath Scotch Ale, and this bottle of On the Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA.  While the porter is one of my favorite beers from them, I decided I wanted to get this bottle of imperial IPA first because I’ve never had it before.  Plus, I went and bought the shirt for it before I ever even tasted it.  Not the first time I’ve gone and done that.

The concept for On the Wings revolves around the impending doom the Mayans predicted that is supposedly going to happen later this year.   While I’m not exactly a big believer in this particular thought, I am an extremely big believer in awesome imperial IPAs and great graphics.  That of course is why I had to buy a shirt for it before ever tasting it.  The brewers only use a single type of hop in the brew: Falconer’s Flight.  I wasn’t familiar with the flavor or qualities of this hop before tasting this beer, but I was extremely happy to try it out.

This one pours out a rich copper color.  It has a dominant orangey hue with some hints of both brown and red.  The beer pours with a very plentiful head. Despite all the head, the beer doesn’t result in a whole lot of lacing or sticky residue.  The beer is probably one of the more hazy beers I’ve had in a little while which may be another reason why you can’t really see much of any carbonation in the beer as well.

The aroma coming off the beer is very herbal and floral for sure.  I wasn’t really all that sure what Falconer’s Flight hops were like, but I can immediately tell they have a very potent quality for sure.  The beer has some ample citrus and grapefruit notes that accompany the hops.  There is a slight amount of malts here, but you can tell the beer is loaded with far more hops than malts.  The overall aroma is very earthy and herbal for sure.

The beer lets you know it’s an imperial IPA right from the start.  There is no hiding it here.  I’ve reviewed a few of those beers that have such a high quantity of sweet malts that you can’t really be blown away by the amount of hops that are in there.  This beer starts with some slightly sweet maltiness.  Some very bountiful citrus and grapefruit comes in to help introduce the very herbal and floral hops.  The hops don’t manage to be very piney, but they have a very earthy and plant like feel to them.  There are some slight malts that help to mellow out some of the big hop flavoring.  The beer finishes with some very well-balanced hops, as well as being quite herbal and earthy feeling.

The mouthfeel starts a little syrup which helps with the slight lack of malt sweetness to balance out the heavy hop hand. The beer turns carbonated and ends syrupy.  I like the way the herbal floral hops play off the citrus and earthiness of the whole composition.  You won’t be buying this beer if you’re not into hops, but you’ll love the mouth of this one if you love a good amount of hops in your beer.

I think their porter may still be my favorite beer from them, but this one is right up there.  I love a good IPA and this is a very good IPA.  If you choose to open a bottle of this beer, you may want to save it for the end of your night.  It is sure to wreck your palate and ability to taste anything other than hops.  I’m okay with that though!

Teacher Grade: A



  1. Oh yeah, I want. And not just for the label. Ok, just for the label. But the beer gets an A, so I’ll enjoy that too.

    • I could see about picking you up a bottle. It may have been limited edition, so I’m not sure if it’s still around. They’ll update on Facebook soon what they are having at the brewery this weekend, and I want another bottle too, so I’ll probably go over there. The brewery is 3 miles from my house. Let me know if you want a bottle.

  2. This stuff is good. I had it on tap at Churchkey right before SAVOR. I hadn’t heard anything about it at the time, and was quite pleasantly surprised. I think I saw on twitter that they may be getting this hop juice in 12 oz cans, which I fully support.

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