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Recently a few different breweries have become available in this area that you couldn’t get here.  These distribution deals are killing me.  I dream of the day when I’ll go to the store and have Russian River, 3 Floyds, or various other breweries to peruse amongst the various other beers we currently receive in the area.  Don’t get me wrong, we have some pretty good breweries already available here. I appreciate that I can find various releases from Founders, Bells, Victory, and other really good breweries.  I guess I just can’t be content knowing there are great brews out there that I have to work extra hard to find.  I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but I also enjoy being really lazy.

A couple of weeks ago I did a review of Ninkasi’s Total Domination IPA.  I had to have my brother bring it with him when he visited from Oregon.  It was of course nice of him to do this, but I would appreciate not having to burden him with the job of bringing me beer when he comes.  Anyway, this post also resulted in another blogger making me aware of an online site where I could find some Ninkasi along with a few other brews I can’t get in this area.  Suddenly there seemed to be a new world available to me.

I in no way get any kickback from the site for reporting on this, but I wanted to share it incase anyone was interested in trying it out.  Anyway, is a site that pretty consistently updates their site with different beers you can order.  I have tried ordering beer once before from a different website; however, the shipping seemed so insane it really didn’t seem cost efficient to continue to use it.  One nice feature I found from Let’s pour is that they offer free shipping when you purchase 6 bottles or more.  That still sounds like a lot of money; however, I also played spin the bottle on the site with them (gross I know) and managed to get an additional $10 off my order.  I ended up ordering their predetermined 6 bottle Imperial IPA set.  This was initially $49, but I got 10 off and I got free shipping.  So I got each 750 ml bottle for $6.50 a bottle.  Now I have gone back to try to spin the bottle a few more times; however, I have consistently lost ever since then.  Maybe they rig it so you get a deal the first time you try, but you won’t get it again for a while.  I’m actually almost certain this is possible.  Anyway, it was a good one time deal.

The other online store my friend John purchased from, which I also reaped the benefits from, was certainly more expensive; however it did have some pretty good selection.  It’s where we eventually enjoyed our bottle of Pliny the Elder from.  So, I’m wondering if there were any other good online beer stores to purchase from.  I really want to continue purchasing different beers that are hard to find around here; however, I want to find another one to start looking into.  Are there any good online stores I’m missing out on?



  1. Not to burst your bubble, but those bottles are only 650 mL. Still, it’s a good deal. You’d pay at least that much for those bottles in the store. The no S/H for 6+ bottles is impossible to beat. I don’t know how LetsPour continues to make money but I hope it continues.

    • ha my bubble has been busted. No I just didn’t even think to check that. Regardless it’s a pretty nice deal for sure, but I do agree with you on how in the world do they make money.

  2. How exciting. At least four of those make regular appearances in my repertoire.

  3. I almost pulled the trigger on Letspour (after seeing Zac comment on it). I think I may yet do it at some point, though. With all the other places I have come across, the shipping is insane.

  4. in Illinios does a “box” every week. Twelve bottles, from breweries like FFF, Founders, Eire. The box usually has a theme and you have to buy the box as is, no substitutions. I think it’s a little pricy when you add in the shipping. But I’ll toss it out there for you to look at.

    I’ve never tried them because we’re not allowed to have alcohol shipped into the state of Delaware.

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