Brasserie Artisinale et Didactique du Flo – Cuvee du Flo Blonde

The title of this beer is a serious mouthful.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking a beer that is titled something so long.  This is actually the final beer from my Rare Beer Club birthday present I got from my wife in February.  Evidently this beer is the definition of rare.   Brasserie Artisinale is a very small brewery out of eastern Wallonia, apparently about an hour from Brussels, that displays the owners love for both beer and teaching.  It seems like a rare beer a teacher like myself can get behind.  The owner, Didier Cornet, opens his brewery up to people who want to be taught about beer, and also, have the opportunity to brew their own under the supervision of a pro.  He will take them from the mashing all the way to the bottling.  I wish I could actually get to this brewery.

Interestingly any of the brews coming out of this brewery with the title “du Flo” on them are brewed specially by the creator of this unique brewery.  Surprisingly, based on the literature I received with the bottle, it sounds like some of the other bottles sold from this brewery are actually creations of the students.  Beer coming out of this brewery is typically only available in the local town and in a few place in Brussels.  They apparently only produce 125 barrels, or around 4,000 gallons, a year.  I know one homebrewer who might be trying to catch them.  Therefore, this is a pretty rare beer, and it makes me once again wonder if I should really re-up on my membership to this club.

This particular style of beer is a Blonde.  I have actually had very few Belgian blondes over the course of my beer research; however, I know I’ve had a few.  Looking into the style a little bit, it seems like it is essentially a beer that is known as a pale, fruity, clear, and crisp beer.  I can’t say I’ve never really jumped at the style.  There are many Belgian styles I’m a big fan of.  I like a good dubble, trippel, wit, or saison, but I can’t say I’ve sought out a lot of blonde ales.  I guess the name has been a slight turn off for me.  It’s probably why I’ve waited on this one.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of the style, I was still interested in trying this one after reading up on the brewery a little.

This one pours out a super golden yellow color, which I am typically quite scared of.  There is a ton of big white fluffy head that develops on top of the beer.  Thankfully while the color of the beer gets me nervous, it is the ample amount of head that makes me think it’ll all be okay in the end.  There is some light lacing, but you really don’t get any sticky leftover residue at all.  The beer is a little bit hazier than I was expecting, but you can see a lot of carbonation in the glass for sure.

The biggest smell I pull out of the aroma is the big hit of yeast.  The citrus is definitely there as well; however, it is isn’t powerful enough to outshine the ample yeast.  The yeast has some pretty big spicy clove to it.  The citrus is a lot of orange, but I am also getting some very pleasant lemony scents as well.  The beer has a very bready feel, and it seems to come across very earthy as well.

The beer intros with some light sweet malts.  This is met with a lot of light lemony citrus tastes.  The light and pleasant flavors are short lived because the big bold yeast comes in quickly.  The yeast has even more spice to it than I’m accustomed to.  There is some of that big spicy bold clove, but the spice seems to extend past the normal realms of what is normally brought on by clove solely.  It has a heavy bite to it.  The ample orangey citrus comes in following the yeast and transitions the beer towards its completion.  There is a lot of spice on the ending with some residual citrus and some very light hops.

The mouthfeel consists of carbonation throughout the entirety of the flavor development.  There is an ample amount of yeast and spice to interact with the carbonation to create a lot of activity on the mouth.  It has a very crisp and refreshing feel, but it is almost slightly thrown off by the inclusion of the ample spice.  I actually like how the spice manages to give it a little more complexity.

While I can almost guarantee you can’t find this beer, I would definitely encourage anyone to purchase it.  I thought it was a great beer that build a little more confidence for me in the style.  I would be interested to know if anyone else has had anything from this brewery.  I want to know if they are known for creating some pretty amazing beers.  I was pretty impressed with this first one for sure.

Teacher Grade: B+



  1. This sounds like something I might enjoy. Talk about a beautiful pour!

  2. I have been tempted to join one of those rare beer clubs. It sounds like a pretty cool beer you got your hands on there. I think you’re right…I don’t think it can get much rarer than that.

  3. The Madruga Obscura sounds good a Belgian isepirnd stout that is as dark as a moonless midnight, brimming of roasted malts and bitter hops. I’ll see if I can find some [] Reply:March 5th, 2010 at 10:40 amThat’s sounds wonderful. I’ve only seen a couple things, so it’s a little scarce, which I imagine is the case for a lot of people.[]

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