5 Blogs I Read

There are a few reasons why I enjoy having started this blog shortly over a year ago.  First, it gives me a slight writing outlet.  I end up grading a lot of papers, reading the material that my kids need to read, and working a second job at a restaurant. Let’s face it, I stay pretty busy, but I like having something that I can consistently keep up with.  I feel like I’m more dedicated to keeping this blog up than doing my actual job(s).  I also enjoy keeping up with my stats.  I check the states throughout the entire day to see how my blog is doing.  Some days end up being depressing, and others end up making me feel really accomplished, but I enjoy the ups and downs of the whole thing.  Finally, I feel like I’ve developed a little community of fellow bloggers.  I remember starting this and searching for people who would be interested in what I’m writing.  I clicked the follow button on tons of blogs, continuously posting to my Facebook, and I even started pinning all of my posts.  I’m now up to 36 people subscribed, and I have those who I can almost continuously count on to comment and/or read my blog.  It feels great!  Well now I want to give back.  Here are 5 blogs that I personally am guaranteed to read every time they post.  There are a lot of different reasons I read what they write, but I would almost say we’re friends, and I want to send my friends a little love!

Beerbecue – It was somewhat hard to decide who to start with.  I wouldn’t say I have a favorite other blog I read, but I have my five in mind and someone has to go first.  I wanted to start with a faithful commenter and someone who seems to always be on the same page with me.  Beerbecue is a little bit of a different blog.  Where I sometimes manage to throw some music into my blog, BeerBQ manages to add in different posts on some of his adventures in meat.  He is also quite skilled at fitting in a lot of humor into his posts.  I’ll have to admit I’m in no way as funny as he is, but I do appreciate his added humor in a lot of his posts.  An added bonus is that he is a local DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) boy.  We happen to visit a lot of the same stores, and he also manages to recommend a lot of other places for me to find the beer I’m looking for.

Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement – It’s almost not fair mentioning his blog on here, but it is the only other blog I’ve found that reviews both beer and music.  It’s not fair mentioning his blog because he is on a little hiatus right now.  We’ve both ended up in a discussion before over whether we enjoy reviewing beer or music more,  and thankfully, he ends up more on the music side.  I almost feel like we compliment each other quite well on that end.  Hopefully he ends up coming back soon because I’m greatly missing a resource for new music and great beer.  Of course, a lot of the beer he can get around by him is hard for me to find, but I love a good resource for music.  Go look at some of his past posts.  I also like that he is a far better writer than me.

It’s Just the Booze Dancing… – This blog is slightly closer to my own without the music.  This one is somewhat more unique than mine because there is more than one contributor to the blog.  They have a plethora (4 I think) of individuals who share the content on the blog.  The one thing this does is provide a lot of variety to the types of posts, also they manage to put out a lot of content.  They can put out multiple things a day, which I am of course jealous of.  I am one guy who can only produce one post a day.  That is sometimes even hard for me to get.  They manage to produce beer news, beer reviews, and the occasional scotch review as well.  Being an occasional scotch fan myself, I definitely like to at least dream of trying some of the stuff they talk about.

The Dogs of Beer – I think I’ve been following this fella for quite a while, but I feel like it’s only been recently that I’ve really become active in commenting and reading what he has to offer.  He has become quite a bit more active in his commenting as well which always helps me take a look at a fellow blogger as well.  Even though I have other topics I talk about, I tend to focus mainly on the beer reviews here.  Dogs seems to do a lot of the same stuff.  I love reading beer reviews on stuff that I haven’t had before, and I love even more reading things on stuff I may be able to find.  Dogs hits on beers I’ve had, wanted, and need to find which keeps me interested.  He’s also given me some really good advice on my brewing as well, which I of course appreciate quite a bit.  He definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to beer, which is why I keep reading.

MeganvsBeer – I think it’s safe to say this is one of the newest blogs I’ve been reading as of late.  I don’t think it’s been around for

maybe not the image you'd hope I would use

all that long, but the writer has one unique thing going on: it’s a beer blog by a female! There aren’t a whole lot of these out there, and although I do happen to read one or two more, this is the one that I’ve become most interested in. She is from the west coast which means she can talk about beer I haven’t quite found out about yet, but she is also interested in doing a little cross country beer trade.  Needless-to-say, I am quite interested in this.  You don’t get the most frequent blogs out of here, but she produces some quality material when she gets down to it.  So if you thought craft beer was a boy’s game, you need to check out what is going on over at MeganvsBeer.

There are quite a few other blogs I read, and it was kind of hard to figure out which ones I most wanted to feature here, but I think I covered a nice cross section of some of my favorites.  I may have to do a follow up at some point with a few more blogs I read in the future.  I don’t want anyone to feel left out, but I am already well over 1000 words, so I’m going to leave it at that.  I hope you checked out a few of the blogs I mentioned because they are my beer blog buddies.



  1. Thanks so much for putting us on your list! Talk about a huge compliment. 🙂


  2. Aww shucks, thanks for the shout out, pal.

    • I totally didn’t see your comment before I posted mine. Great minds…

  3. Thanks, man. It’s always nice to hear that someone other than me thinks my blog is funny! And that’s not the first time I have been referred to as “different”. 🙂

  4. Many, many thanks. It means a lot coming from a blogger that I enjoy reading!

  5. Aw, shucks. Thanks. I’ve got some stuff up this week and should make this month’s session on Friday. Stay tuned…

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