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I’m back!  Last week was a week of rest and relaxation on the island of Jamaica.  Having been to both a Sandals, in Saint Lucia, and another all-inclusive location in Costa Rica, I wouldn’t say that it was the most amazing all-inclusive location I’ve ever been to.  However, it did meet all of the big requirements I had for it otherwise.  It was clean, the food was pretty good, and all of the drinks were included.  So we were able to have a lot of fun and not spend any additional money while we were there.  I can’t say it gave me a whole lot to write about dealing with beer or good music, but it did give me something from the Life category of this blog to talk about.

The Resort:  The resort itself did leave a little to be desired.  First of all, they apparently do this thing where they over book their resort so they can try to force people to go stay at their other resort.  Luckily some of the other people in the group had read this and were ready to go to war to not have that happen to us.  The resort still tried it, but my comrades were able to throw some words around (like refund) to make sure that we were able to stay at the better resort.  The room was pretty simple.  The bed was big, the room was clean, there was a fridge, and the air worked really well.  Some of the other people in the group got some bad showers, but our room didn’t have that trouble.  There were two pools on the island as well; however, people didn’t really use them.  The one is in the middle of everything, and the other seemed like one at a retirement village. It is consistently surrounded by a 60 and over crowd.  Also, the crowd was really strange.  Apparently our hotel was a hotbed for French people.  Everything was translated into both French and English and over half of the people there were French.  I don’t actually want to hear French again for a while.

The Food & Drinks: When you go to an all-inclusive resort, the thing you are most looking forward to is good food and free drinks.  While both of them were free, I wouldn’t say it was always good.  There were two restaurants on the island that required reservations and one that provided a buffet dinner as well.   We took a day or two to make it into the reservation ones, but they turned out to be a little less than stellar.  The one was a Thai food place; however, it seemed like just about every dish came out looking like it was in the same sauce.  The other was a steak and seafood place; however, the one guy ended up with fake seafood in his, and the steak option seemed a little small and thin for the description.  The buffet was honestly the place to be.  The theme changed every day, the salad bar was good and always had cheese, and our waitress (who we sought out every night) was awesome.  The beer there was either Red Stripe or Red Stripe light, but they didn’t tell you which one you were getting, and you just said beer instead of specifying which one you wanted.  The mixed drinks were good; although, I just pretty much stuck with this and that drinks.  Rum and coke, whiskey and coke, and gin and tonic.  Even though it wasn’t free, since we had already paid for it, I was still fairly happy with food and drink options in the resort.

The Entertainment: I think the entire experience was pretty good, but I think it may have been the entertainment that was the low point of the whole thing.  I think the biggest part of the problem was the fact that they had to cater to both the French and English guests.  There was karaoke that didn’t have a whole lot of good options, there was the house band that played amazingly boring self-serving music, and there was the extremely awkward late night club experience that no one seemed to attend.  The best part of the entertainment was the beach party and a few of the more fun bartenders who knew how to make things fun.  Thankfully we went with two other couples who helped make the nights fun; however, some nights it was harder than others to get things going.

The Beach:  The beach, sun, and relaxation was exactly the reason why I was excited to head to the Caribbean for vacation, and honestly, it would have been really hard for any one of the resorts down there to screw that up.  Although I did burn my feet on the first day, we sat out on the beach from breakfast to dinner.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of beach sports to do, but I enjoyed lying around and reading.  We did snorkel a little and found out that you really didn’t want to walk around on the rocks that were just a little bit off the shore.  The rocks were littered with sea urchins waiting to prick the bottom of your feet.  All in all, my favorite part was spent lying down, listening to music, and reading a good book.

Maybe the entire vacation wasn’t considered the most ideal of situations, but it was exactly the break I needed from everyday life.  I’m feeling rested and relaxed, and I’m ready to finish out the school year.  Start checking back every weekday because I’m back and ready to blog!



  1. You have pretty feet. 🙂

    • ha I knew someone would say that. I stole all of my wife’s photos.

    • Damn! I saw the feet (all having red nail polish) and said, “please let me have seen this first!” Denied. Glad you had a good time. Welcome back. What was your first real beer once you got back home?

      • A very good question on the beer. We had a layover in Atlanta on the way back and I had a Terrapin Hoppsecutioner. All I wanted was hops right away!

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