Year One

Sometime one year ago this week I started this little blog.  It’s been a really interesting year for sure.  I have never gone about starting something from nothing and attempting to get other people interested in it.  As some of you know, I always post my newest blog postings on my Facebook account, so I really appreciate those of you who diligently click on my blogs.  Somehow I think I’ve actually developed a faithful group of readers.  So this posting is to give you a little run down of the high and low points from this past year, and I hope to outline some of what I want to accomplish in the next year.  Things have been great over the past year, but I hope to only continue growing this little blog into something to be even more proud of.

Up first, the highlights from a pretty good year.  I am consistently attempting to find or think of ways to up my readership.  Therefore, part of being a good blogger is to consistently look at everything as an idea for writing a post.  The very first time I was able to put this into action was at the DC Brau release of their Corruption Ale at Lil Miss Whiskeys.  While there, I found myself in a conversation with Jeff, one of the head brewers at DC Brau.  Although a little nervous of looking dorky, I asked him if I could send him a few interview questions to place up on my blog.  Although it took an entire summer for him to get back to me, I finally received my interview where he actually threw me a bone.  He used my blog to release the information that they were working on two collaboration brews with other breweries.  I quickly got the interview up, and it quickly took off as well.  My blog was reposted on,, and even a section of the online version of the Washington Post.  It quickly became one of the most viewed posts on my blog, and I really got a feeling for this blogs potential to be successful as well.

A few other posts really helped out this blog as well.  My post for Dragon’s Milk was picked up by New Holland Brewing Co, and they reposted it on their Facebook and Twitter.  It still holds the record for the highest amount of views of all time, and it also has my number one day at 162 views.  Some blogs haven’t really had that big one day push, but they have managed to garner quite a few views over the lifetime.  It’s no secret that I blog more about beer than I do music, but I try and make this blog about both subjects.  Two blogs that weren’t necessarily big the first day I posted them, but have really grown over time are my reviews of The Civil Wars and Gotye.  Gotye was only posted back in February, but it has managed to bring in 135 views over the very short time on my blog.  It actually has managed to be viewed by at least someone every single day in March.  The Civil Wars post was posted back in April; however, it has had over 150 people read it over that period of time.  Some days I really don’t have a review ready, so I get a different type of topic ready to go.  Slim Pickens holds the record on the site for the most comments, 21, out of any post this year.  It just helped to show me that I don’t need to always review.  Sometimes a good idea is all it takes.

There have been a few low points on this blog as well.  I was fairly new at blogging when I hit the summer months last year.  For some reason, I misplaced my love for the written word during those

We look sad because you didn't read

months, and I posted very few things during those three months.  I did manage to get out a little review of my beer tour around Italy, which has been a fairly popular post, but those months really did very little for the growth of this blog.  It is definitely my goal to not allow that to happen again this year.  A few other low points have been some of the unpopular posts I did this past year.  Like I said earlier, I seem to be a slightly better beer reviewer than music reviewer, and it definitely has shown with some of the popularity of the posts on this blog.   My review of Plants and Animals only has 7 views at this point, Slow Club only has 6 since December, and The Dodos only has 10 since last May.  I like to review music that I enjoy, but it would appear it pays off more to review music that is on the cusp of becoming really popular.  Finding more bands like Gotye and The Civil Wars to review could be more lucrative for views than going with what I enjoy at that moment.

Overall this year has been a great year for me to learn about my joy for writing.  I have slowly upped the readership for this site over the past few months.  December I managed to have 690 views, January I reached 844, and I have been over 1,000 the past two months in a row.  As long as I have over 50 views this week total I’ll reach a new high this month too.  I currently have 24 readers subscribed to my site as well, which helps me believe that someone is at least reading everything I do.  Hopefully this next year only sees an even greater increase in interest and readership.  I’d like to interview a few more brewers, I’d like to start seeing a little beer trading going on, and I would really love to see a brewery send me something specifically for reviewing.  Free stuff is always great, but it would just help my confidence as a reviewer of libations as well.

So to all of you who read my blog already, I thank you and I hope you continue to read for years to come.  Maybe someday I won’t feel the need to post this on Facebook every single day, but for now, I hope you don’t mind me spamming your wall every single day.  If you didn’t read, I would have quit this long ago!



  1. Congrats on your 1st year! Mine is coming up at the end of June, and although I wont’ hit the numbers you have, I’m still enjoying it very much (and actually surprised at the number of people who DO read).

    I two felt like an idiot the two times I’ve identified myself as a blogger to someone in the industry. But both times I’ve been meet with cheerful enthusiasm and willingness to answer a few questions. It’s a great feeling to be taken seriously for something you do.

    Melissa from Shmaltz brewing was nice enough to comment when I reviewed their Blockhead, as well as retweet it with some kind words. And every time I’ve reviewed a DuClaw beer, someone there must send it around to the organization because I get 12-14 hits from their mail server. It’s a nice feeling.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck with year 2!

    • Thanks for the congrats. I definitely enjoy your blog as well. I am a mad man at posting because I am crazy about checking my site stats. I may have to review something from DuClaw for sure!

  2. Congrats on 1 year. I’ve been enjoying the blog. I noticed you’re interested in an exchange. I’m up in Oregon and have access to all those lovely NW beers, so if you’re interested, holler at me:

    • I’m going to get back to you in the middle of April about this exchange. I am definitely down for it, but I am heading out of the country and won’t be back till after Easter, so I will get back to you.

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