Craig Finn & Beer: When Worlds Collide!

A little over a month ago I did a write up on Craig Finn’s new solo album “Clear Heart Full Eyes”.  I’ve been a fan of his for a few years now, and I really appreciate the work that he has done with The Hold Steady.  Today I found out he has literally set out to make my beer and music worlds collide.  It was announced today that Finn has teamed up with Signature Brew to craft his own brand of beer.  Looking into this actual brewing company, I haven’t really been able to find anything about them other than the fact that they reside in England.  Either way, I’m happy to see my two loves start messing around together.

Finn is quoted as saying, “When I set out to make this beer, I was going for something with a clear taste and a full flavor. Instead I got a pretty decent buzz. We had a great time creating this beer and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Enjoy!”.  Obviously this gives little insight into what the actual beer should taste like, but I’m not sure I’m expecting it to be some big revelation in the craft beer world.  Another site I found states it is “a melody of bitterness and citrus notes, the fresh hops and malted barley are in harmony within this golden brew, a full-bodied taste with an easy finish.”  I think it may sound something like a pilsner or even IPA, but I’m hopeful I’ll somehow get to find out.  I don’t know if there is anyway I get my hands on this, but if you find it somewhere, save me a bottle!


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