February’s Stout Report Card

As promised earlier this week, I wanted to do a little report card to sum up the findings of stout month.  Looking back on some of these beers, it’s a little tough to decide who comes in at the top of the class, and who didn’t make the grade; however, I want to do my best here to rank my findings on these different beers.  Mid-month I did some tweaking of the grading system; therefore, some people will question why a beer that received a B grade later in the month manages to make it above a beer that got an A grade earlier in the month. Under my new parameters, I believe I would have found these beers ranking slightly differently; therefore, I think this report card will do a fair job of really showing the ultimate rankings here.  Two beers actually happened at the end of January, but they were my last post in the month of January, and I wanted to include them in this ranking.  Therefore, take a look at the different rankings.  I also included a few beers that were just darker beers for the month.  Really this report card reflects the order through which I would drink these again.  Perhaps, if you’re still thinking of picking up some stouts, this post will give you a good idea of which ones to pick up.  I wanted to go from the bottom to the top.  Seems more dramatic to me.  Enjoy!

10. Dogfish HeadChicory Stout (Initial grade: C)

9. Victory Brewing CoDark Intrigue (Initial Grade: B)

8. Yards Brewing CoGeorge Washington Tavern Porter (Initial Grade: B-)

7. Epic Brewing CoBig Bad Baptist Stout (Initial Grade: B+)

6. Avery Brewing CoMephistopheles Stout (Initial Grade: A)

5. Smuttynose Brewing CoS’muttonator Doppelbock (Initial Grade: A)

4. Green Flash Brewing CoDouble Stout (Initial Grade: A)

3. New Holland Brewing CoDragon’s Milk (Initial Grade: A)

2. Founder’s Brewing CoImperial Stout (Initial Grade: A)

1. Victory Brewing CoStorm King Stout (Initial Grade: A)

I’m not sure everyone will agree with me on the order of this listing; however, I feel pretty strongly I got this one right.  In my opinion, Dogfish Head was clearly the bottom of the barrel here.  I didn’t particularly enjoy it, and I felt like there could have been a whole lot more flavor added into it.  I dropped Dark Intrigue pretty far down because I felt like it was far too dark and heavy for easy drinking.  I even split that one with a friend and still found it a little tough to drink.  Big Bad Baptist almost made it higher; however, I did agree these other beers seemed slightly superior to it.  I think the top three or four were the hardest to figure out.  Founder’s almost took it, but I think the overall thickness of the brew kept it from really getting the number one spot.  It’s like drinking a glass of milk, and I like something with a little more carbonation added in.  Storm King, in my mind, was the most well-rounded and balanced stout out of all of them.  The flavors were great and in your face, and it wasn’t too over powering on syrup or booze.

I don’t know if other months are dedicated to other styles of beer, but I did enjoy taking one month to focus on a particular style of beer.  I feel like I really learned what I like and don’t like about the stout style, and I found a few beers that I will definitely look for in the future.  Now I think I’ll start drinking a few lighter beers to get ready for my trip to Jamaica next month!


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