A Few Thoughts on the Grammys

I know the Grammys occurred more than a couple of days ago; however, I work Sunday nights.  Therefore, we DVR most of these award shows since they seem to occur on Sunday nights.  I must, however, tell you the tremendous benefit to utilizing the DVR for these instances.  First of all, there are countless commercials that you can skip.  Secondly, they love to fill the event with as much fluff as possible.  Finally, you can skip all of the performances you could care less about.  Not that I don’t enjoy Nicki Minaj’s interpretation of Lady Gaga, but I …. oh wait yeah I hate her.  I know someone will tell me you end up finding out too much on Facebook and other media outlets before you get a chance to watch, but I know most of us figured Adele would clean up, and I also really don’t care all that much. On to my thoughts on the actual event.

The Performances: Why has it become popular to try to find every bizarre paring possible to make things seem like a Grammy moment.  I kept hearing LL throw the term “Grammy moment” around.

Where am I?

Can it still be a Grammy moment if you force the collaboration?  Things in music tend to happen organically.  Trying to make Maroon 5 and The Beach Boys work together looks forced and awkward.  I think Bon Iver got it right when he said F* you I’m not doing someone else’s music.  These artists get to the Grammys on their skills and talents.  Why make them do something that doesn’t really showcase this?  Some people can pull it off.  The Band Perry sounded really good with their tribute; however, I will keep coming back to the awkwardness that was The Beach Boys. Even the Foo Fighter’s with Deadmau5 was really awkward.  I thought individually they did fine, but the part that they combined for was strange and strained.  Individually, I thought there were some good performances.  I actually thought Taylor Swift sounded halfway decent, even though I wanted to hear more of The Civil Wars first.  I thought Foo Fighters did a good rendition of their song, and I actually felt the passion Adele had.  There were plenty I didn’t care for, but I think that is more just my bias.

The Awards: I thought most of the award winners weren’t too bad based on who was nominated for the awards.  After last years backlash after The Arcade Fire taking home album of the year, I wasn’t all that surprised to see Adele take home just about every award.  I’ll admit that I stop on her songs when I hear her on the radio, so I’m not a hater.  She did put out a really impressive record that a lot of people really enjoyed.  I can’t fault her there.  I was more than happy to see Bon Iver take home the best new artist.  I really didn’t want to see Nicki Minaj win that one.  His speech was pretty funny, but I think he did a good job as well.  I like how he hinted at the fact that there were tons of amazing artists who will never even reach the Grammys, but I was even more happy to see him be gracious after that.  I wasn’t surprised by the Foo Fighters, Chris Brown, or the duo from Watch the Throne winning awards.  I think Foo Fighters had the stiffest competition out of those categories, but they were well deserving.  Ultimately I wish they gave us a lot less filler at the Grammys and a few more awards.  There were so many awards that were handed out that weren’t even televised.  Foo Fighters took home 5 awards, but they were only recognized for one.  The Civil Wars won two awards, and they weren’t even given their time to thank anyone.  I don’t want it to become one of those award shows where every producer comes on stage, but I want to see a few more of the significant ones.   Skrillex fans got all mad that he didn’t win Best New Artist, but he did manage to take home a Grammy or two.  Nicki Minaj on the other hand got shut out.  Betty White and Louis C.K. even got one.  How did we skip those accomplishments?

I’m not really a fan of all the musicians or music that is celebrated at the Grammys; however, I do enjoy taking a look at who seems to be popular every year.  Plus, I love watching the completely self-absorbed crowd get their ego stroked a little every year.  That may be a little harsh but most of those outfits don’t say humble.  Anyway, they may not be the best representation of the music scene anymore, but I think they still have the pure entertainment value.  Just make sure you DVR it so you can skip all of the egos you hate.



  1. Was it just me, or was Dave Grohl a little disruptive during that The End guitar love-in with Sprinsteen, Walsh, and McCartney? I like Grohl, and I usually like self-indulgent, guitar super-hero collaborations, but by the end I was thinking, “Let’s wrap this up, and please don’t let Dave Grohl go again.”

  2. I stopped really watching the Grammys when they gave best metal performance to Jethro Tull in 1989. I did sneak in a few minutes on this one, mostly to ask “who the hell is that?” during Nicki’s performance. Apparently she’s not happy just being horrible as herself, now she’s being horrible while pretending to be someone else?

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