Thoughts on Beer Blogging

I have been at this beer blogging thing for nearly a year now, and I have definitely developed some thoughts on the entire process.  Lately I’ve tried to have a blog ready to go everyday, so for today’s post I figured I would do a little post on my thoughts on beer blogging.  I haven’t quite reached one year of blogging as of yet, but I am about two months away from reaching that first year marker.   It has been a really interesting 10 months or so of doing this, and I am really looking forward to continuing.  Here are a few big things that really stand out to me when it comes to blogging about beer.

Beer = Money: This may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s even more true when you’re doing this with good beer. I try to get to the store once a week to pick up new things to review.  Do I really have to do it every week?  Probably not; however, I enjoy getting in there to pick up bottles I hear are rare or limited edition. Just look at the picture I took of the inside of my beer fridge.  I really don’t have room for a lot else right now.  Plus, I have bottles on a bookshelf that aren’t pictured as well.  It takes a lot of will power to not continuously add to the collection.  My place, Rick’s, sends out emails and Facebook messages keeping everyone up to date about the beers they have coming in.  All you have to do is call in and reserve it.  This however also means you have to pay for it.  Some weeks I manage to hang back and not spend too much money; however, it isn’t surprising to spend $50 or more a week on only a few bottles of beer.  Like I said, I enjoy it, but I do need to pace myself.

People View You Differently: I didn’t really think about having labeled myself as a beer snob or nerd until I went to my wife’s 10 year high school reunion.  I’m used to people I know talking about beer with me, or bringing up beer related topics with me.  But, when I went to her reunion, I had people I had never met before doing the same thing.  I had a few immediately state that I was the beer guy.  People want to know what you’re drinking because they think it will be something fancy, and they want you to recommend something for them to drink.  It’s a little strange, and yet, also a little empowering as well.  I suppose we do that with just about anyone we meet in life.  You ask doctors about this pain you’ve had for weeks; why not ask a beer guy for a good beer recommendation.

It’s a lot of fun: I would say it’s also only fun in moderation, since I’m trying to lose weight. I did my post a month or so ago about the thrill of the hunt, and I really do enjoy hunting down good beer, but it’s also just fun always having new stuff.  Every Friday and Wednesday I head to the fridge specifically to get something for reviewing.  Each time I literally have to sit down in front of the fridge to figure out what I want to review.  Sometimes I base it on what I am feeling, while other times I pick one based on what I know I can write the most about.  Either way, I know I’m going to have something interesting.

A year ago I started to throw around the idea of doing this blog, and I certainly didn’t know it would take off quite this much.  I am really enjoying what I’m doing here, and I definitely look forward to my one year anniversary.  I better start planning out what I want to review for that one.  I have something special in mind though.



  1. Spot-on! Your reviews are getting better (as I mentioned before). I like your blog for some obvious reasons as we are kindred spirits. I appreciate the time and effort you put into posts to include some context for the beers you try as well as the music to which you’re listening.

    As far as the weekly expenditures, I’ve stopped buying a lot of beers I’ve had before, aside from a few rare brews I’ll grab from time to time. Some of those beers are go-to beers at the bar, but I generally only buy beer I’ve never had before or the occasional seasonal/annual release. It’s helped tremendously with limiting my consumption and benefiting my wallet and waistline.

    I get the “beer guy” stuff as well. It used to be annoying, but now I just use it as a chance to engage and prove that I’m not a snob. I have neighbors who drink a lot pedestrian craft beer. I like to engage and discuss ingredients, breweries, or the brewing process. It’s all part of spreading the gospel. Most importantly – and I doubt you do this – I try not to make people feel bad for drinking beer that they perceive as not good enough for me. In the end, beer’s beer. I just like a certain kind and tons of variety.

    • Once again, I do appreciate the encouragement on my reviews. I feel like they have been flowing a lot better recently lately as well. I do like being a beer guy for a lot of reasons.

  2. That is an impressive fridge-shot. If you figure out getting the cost under control, let me know. Keep the reviews coming. You’re good at it.

    • Thanks I do appreciate it. I want to get the fridge under control as well. I have too many bottles in there that have been there for months.

  3. I’ve finally mustered up a bit of courage to start my blog, and it’s great reading this article saying you started a year ago thinking about doing it. I decided, hey why not? It’s something I’m passionate about, and something I’ll be enjoying for a long time out. Cheers, and looking forward to reading more from you!

    • I definitely do enjoy reading your stuff. I think it does take something like courage to do this. You are putting your stuff out there to criticism.

  4. I concur with Scott about the fridge…I especially appreciate the wrapped aspect of it. Shows it’s been put to good use. Keep up the good reviews.

  5. What a surprise to find so many people that enjoy great beer. I think nothing of the money that I spend for beer it is all worth it. For we live at a great time to experience such great beer. We are the reason Anheuser Bush is losing market share. Keep up the good work.
    The Ale Guy

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