What I’ve Been Listening To

A few weeks ago I did a post about the music I had on rotation at that moment.  Although a lot of those bands are still keeping my occupied, I am consistently attempting to add more and more music to my very long library.  Therefore, once again, I thought it was about time to update you on a few different bands I’ve been listening to as of late.  Like last time, I am definitely still catching up on a few different albums I never managed to pick up last year.  It’s amazing how I am still finding lists of different albums that were considered some of the best of last year.  I picked up the latest Spin Magazine which had a completely different band winning it all that didn’t even make it in a lot of list’s top ten.  These lists keep me real busy for weeks after they are released.

Deer TickDivine Providence – This is a band that I do actually have some of the older stuff from; however, I somehow let this one slip by me.  This isn’t really an album I put on everyday, but it is one that I definitely like a lot.  I really like how the songs tend to differ from one to the next.  I do get a little upset when I listen to an album that has a lot of songs that tend to sound the same.  These guys can go from a country folk sound, to an indie sound, to an all out bar song.  Their diversity keeps it interesting, and they are really good at what they do as well.

Florence and the MachineCeremonials – I stayed away from Florence for a while.  I saw her perform on a few award shows, and I had heard a few songs on the radio, but I was really surprised when I started to see this album pop up on some lists.  I try to not be too elitist when it comes to my music selection, but I don’t normally trust it when the mass media is hyping an artist.  I mean, they also hype Ke$ha!  I finally bit the bullet and went for it on this one.  This woman really can sing.  Most of the songs are quite catchy and impressive as well.  There are a few that I get a little tired of and skip, but I am definitely becoming a fan of both Florence and the Machine.  I may have to go back and see if I really like the last album as well.

YuckYuck – Yet another album I really really slept on.  I basically grew up in the 90’s.  I mean those tend to be the major years I can remember, and it was when all my tastes were developing.  So a band that is trying to latch onto some of that former glory would have to be good.  At least I would hope so.  The low key nature of Yuck is great, while I really like the sound that the whole band creates.  I am definitely still listening to this one a lot and really developing my feelings on what I like about it.  It sounds like good old 90’s rock and roll.  There isn’t a lot of glam and wow to it, but it is just talented people who got together to put out good music.

tUnE-yArDsw h o k i l l – This may be the album that I’m most upset I didn’t check out originally.  I’m basically only mad because I am certain that this one would have made it on my top 10 from last year.  This one definitely beats out a few of the albums I put up there.  I think I may have delayed because I saw something about it being heavy on electronics.  With the whole dubstep movement and everything right now, I tend to be doubtful when I see people hype a band as electronic.  This girl is crazy though.  There are times where the music slightly reminds me of Vampire Weekend, and there are other times where her sound reminds me of Bjork.  Ultimately, she has a sound all her own.  The thing that really put me over the top on her was seeing her performance on Jimmy Kimmel.  There are some artists that can do something new and fresh and make it amazing, and she is one of those people.  I of course attached the video below, so you need to see what I’m talking about if you don’t know.

I like to review individual albums and everything, but sometimes I just like to do a big post like this that gives you an overview of a few good albums to look into.  There is a lot of variety amongst these four albums, so there should be a little bit of something for everybody.  Open up your spotify and check a few of these out.  I guarantee you’ll find something you like.



  1. I usually do the same thing early in the year, before most of the new year’s releases come out. However, this year has been different.

    You’ve seen my thoughts on Yuck and Tune-Yards. Florence and the Machine bugs me. It might be because I don’t get it, but I wonder if people will still talk about them a year from now. I’ve heard good things about the Deer Tick record, though.

    • Yeah I felt the same way about Florence and the Machine, but over Christmas I kept hearing the song on the radio and it grew on me. So, I got the album and I actually like it. It definitely had to grow on me though.

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