Two Kegs for Two Taps

First of all, I just want to point out that this is my 100th post!  Thanks for reading!

You would think that someone who enjoys beer as much as I do would work in a place with a plethora of beer.  However, I am a teacher as well, and I can’t work at a place that closes at 2 AM everyday.  My place closes at 10:30 which is great because I can make it home before midnight.  I do enjoy working there, but I would love to work somewhere with a far bigger variety of beer for me to talk about.  We actually only carry six beers.  We have Schlitz, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, 21st Amendment Back in Black, Brooklyn Brown, and Brooklyn Pilsner.  As you can tell, the first three really aren’t all that interesting, although I do get into a lot of conversations with people who didn’t know Schlitz still existed.  The beer I try to hawk the most is the 21st, but I would love to have something better or at least more variety.

The other day Brooklyn sent us a keg of the Black Chocolate Stout by mistake.  Even though they tried to send it back and get the brown they normally have, they were told they couldn’t make that exchange.  Therefore they were forced to put it on the tap or lose some money.  Evidently this has been the opening I’ve been looking for.  The General Manager came to me yesterday and told me that the owners have given him free range to start a little more rotation on our kegs.  Of course, we only have two taps at the whole bar.  So, there really is very little space with which to work.  The GM asked me to start thinking of some different beers we should get for the restaurant.  However, the owners think the Brooklyn name works well for the restaurant.  Of course, he is trying to push for even more variety past Brooklyn.

So I’ve come to the blogosphere to ask for a little assistance. What should I ask them to order?  I figure I could try to thrown some seasonal brews in there, but I don’t know how far they are willing to go with their variety.  So any suggestions?



  1. Congrats on Post 100!

    How about some Dogfish Head? Their Indian Brown Ale is quite good, as is their 60 Minute IPA. And their not too weird for most people to drink.

    • A valid point. I think the 60 would be a really good choice for them. I personally really love the palo santo marron. I don’t know if they would be willing to go that route. plus they don’t have great glasses for it either.

      • Have not yet tried the Palo Santo. I don’t know why. Must rectify this! 🙂

  2. Heck if you guys carry Schlitz you might as well bring in “Old Style” to mix it up once in a while. 😉

    Seriously though….many of your Bell’s products wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Congrats on the 100th post.

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