Guilty Pleasure Music

People have definitely developed an idea of what is socially acceptable to listen to.  If you are into certain singers, bands, or styles of music, you clearly can not be a real fan of good music.  Therefore, if you enjoy a band widely discussed as bad, you have to hide what it is you’re listening to.  I definitely feel the need to do it as a blogger.  Should I review the new Atlas Sound because that is what people tell me I should enjoy, or do I review some new radio band because I admittedly enjoy what they have produced?  You get stuck between being viewed as a true connoisseur of music or a top 40 fan.  Either way I don’t know that you win.  If I review a band I actually don’t like all that much, I find I have less to say.  If I review a band that others might deem less talented, I could be viewed as someone who doesn’t appreciate good music.  What to do?

Having gone through high school and college listening to metal and hardcore bands, I feel that I have quite a few guilty pleasures I would never post on here about.  I do keep up with some of those bands, and I definitely go back and listen to some of those old albums that got me going back in the day.  I understand they might not be producing top tier music, but they are bands I’ve enjoyed and seen live many times.  I, many moons ago, flailed around in “the pit” attempting to make myself look tough.  I would love to see old video of that.  I guarantee my facial expressions showed the fear every time.  However, I still love to put on both old and new music of this nature.  In particular, my workout mixes are filled with this type of music.

So here are a few of my guilty pleasure bands and albums.  Perhaps this is me being “real”, or maybe I just ran out of music related things to write about.  Either way, these are a two of my guilty pleasures.

Bury Your Dead – Mosh N’ Roll.  – Look at that band name, album title, and cover art.  This screams fake toughness, and I love it.  You know you’ve got to be tough when the first line of the whole album is, “I dress myself for my own funeral tonight!”  The lyrics only continue along similar themes of not being afraid of fighting, the crappiness of life, and basically how you will kill someone if they get in your way. This of course is all expressed through incessant screaming. It’s really hard to make out any defined guitar lines because everything sounds like heavy fuzz, and there are consistent breakdowns where you’re supposed to punch someone else in the face.  Despite how awful all of that sounds to some of you, I definitely like it.  It’s perfect for letting out the frustrations after a long day of work, and I am really motivated to run a little faster when someone is yelling at me.

A Day to RememberWhat Separates Me from You – This isn’t quite as much the endless screaming album; although, it definitely does do that on some songs.  This is closer to the undeserved teenage angst album.  Here the vocals are both sung and screamed.  The lyric content is definitely less angry.  It somewhat borders on angrier in some songs, but really they seem more annoyed than angry.  “All Signs Point to Lauderdale” is a song that is completely sung about how they hate their town and all the people in it.  It reminds me of a kid wanting to move away from home.  Regardless of how awful I make it sound, it’s crazy catchy.  The lead singer does have a good screaming voice, and the music is quite catchy.  They can put a little sing along in anywhere.  I actually enjoy their previous album even more, but this one has been growing on me as of late.

There are countless other bands and albums I would consider a part of my guilty pleasures.  There are definitely a few albums I’m still too ashamed to throw up on here.  Somethings are best kept secret.  Either way, music is something that is more about your taste than what is popular.  There is one thing that definitely annoys me about the music scene now-a-days.  It’s pretentious!  Who cares if the band you like is considered cool or not.  As long as you like them, that’s all that matters.

So what bands or singers do you have secretly hiding on your iPod? Who do you blast only in the car when you’re alone?

Video isn’t exactly work safe.



  1. Whoa. That first one was jarring (I had just paused Ryan Adams to play it). Mine are: Ministry’s Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs (particularly Jesus Built my Hotrod and TV II). And Jay-Z’s Black Album. I also have Price Tag by Jessie J, ostensibly because my daughter really liked the song…but maybe sometimes I might have offered to play it unsolicited.

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