Quick Review: Brooklyn – Black Chocolate Stout

There really is one reason why I decided to pull out this bottle to review.  I missed out on Brooklyn’s release of Black Ops.  Now Black Ops really isn’t mentioned on the Brooklyn site, but if you check their blog, you’ll find some mention of it.  My friend over at Rick’s (my local beer store) told me it is their black chocolate stout aged in bourbon barrels.  As I never got to see the bottle, this could be entirely untrue.  However, I based this weeks quick review off the fact that I couldn’t get a hold of this rare bottle for myself.  Therefore, I grabbed my lone bottle of black chocolate stout out of my fridge and gave it a try.  If I couldn’t have the new product, I would have its base.

This is a beer people can actually regularly go out and find.  I like to try a bunch of beers on here that you can’t find unless you are actually trying.  This is a little different brew. I have seen this one at your typical beer store, and I believe you may even be able to track it down at a grocery store.  Talk about convenient.

Appearance: This one pours out a really dark black color appearing to have the consistency of oil.  There is a nice rich chocolate espresso head that develops on top of the beer after the pour. Some very ample lacing develops and lingers on the side of the glass, but the liquid is far too dark to really give any clue as to the clarity or the carbonation.

Smell: There is definitely a mild sweetness that comes off the nose of the beer.  Mixing with the sweet scent is a large amount of heavy roasted notes. A rich coffee aroma permeates the entire smell.  I believe some of the sweetness can be attributed to some dark chocolate found in the smell as well.  This beer definitely leans more towards malts, but I believe there are some hops here as well.

Taste: The rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors dominate the flavor profile.  There are some very prominent sweet malts here that mix with some rich caramel for the opening taste.  The rich roasted coffee flavors enter quickly and are only intensified as the flavors develop.  It becomes more espresso than coffee.  The finish is a really sweet rich dark chocolate flavor that lingers well into the aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: This beer has a very thick syrupy quality to it.  There is some mild carbonation that helps to mellow the syrupy nature slightly.  The sweet and roasted flavors blend together really well and are quite pleasant.  There is definitely a little bit of thickness to the beer on the aftertaste that is slightly off-putting, but it won’t keep me from having another one.

Ultimately I do really like this beer.  Brooklyn is far from one of my go to brewers, but I do enjoy a few offerings from them.  This may be near the top of that list.  If you want to try a rich imperial stout you should definitely check this one out.  Now if only I could find a bottle of Black Ops in my area.

Teacher Grade: B+



  1. I am still not sure Black Ops actually exists. I saw Rick’s Facebook post announcing its arrival, and it was gone in what seemed like 30 minutes. I do like Black Chocolate Stout, though. So, I am sure I would like Balck Ops…you know, if it actually existed.

    • Yeah I saw the post and replied a little too late. I was like 15 minutes late or something. Another one of my friends managed to find a bottle at whole foods. I also got there too late. I’ll find one somehow yet though.

  2. Ok. I feel better after reading the comments that I missed this beer during my recent travels to NYC and DC. Better luck next time I suppose.

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