They’re Back!

Bands break up; that’s simply what they do.  Sometimes they peak, wither, and die away.  Other times, they peak and die all at the same moment.  Whatever the case, I have seen countless bands come and go.  Some I have cared more about, and others I could care less about.  Somehow yesterday I came across an announcement that not one, but two of my favorite bands of all times were getting back together to make music.

The Refused were a Swedish punk rock band that could always get me going.  I still put on their most popular release, The Shape of Punk to Come, from time to time.  There was something real about what he was singing about, and they created music that really got me motivated.  Sadly, they broke-up and formed bands that were far less spectacular.  Yesterday, it was announced they were coming back.  I don’t know how it will happen, but I have to see them before they disappear again.

Receiving less press from the sites I check, I also found a site declaring that At The Drive-In has reformed as well.  Another band of a similar style to Refused with just as much passion and craziness.  Although they have received more success than the members of Refused with the bands they formed after their break-up, I’m more than happy to see these guys back together.  I feel like this has to be a sign.  Perhaps they can somehow work out a tour together.

If I had a bucket list, seeing these two bands before they disappear has become a top priority.  Anyone else happy to see these two bands back together?


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