The Session #59 – I almost always drink beer, but when I don’t, I drink ….

I have yet to ever chime in on one of these Sessions I see posted on various blogs around the internet.  I always tend to read them, but being new to this endeavor, I was waiting to utter my responses.  Well it’s a new year, and I believe my time has come.  I doubt I will reign down any surprising response that will shock everyone, but none-the-less, I want to join the party.

There are really two main forms of alcohol I seek when I don’t drink beer.  The first is Scotch.  I began getting into scotch a little over a year ago when I began working my second job at a restaurant here in DC.  I really had no knowledge of the spirit, and I was extremely interested in the more smokey versions of the libation.  It didn’t take long till I had sampled nearly all of the bottle available there, and I began to procure a few for my own tastings at home.

This bottle quickly became my favorite.  It is a special release of Edradour my wife got for me on my last birthday.  Being from the Highlands, it really wasn’t as smokey as some of the others I had tried at my job.  Instead, it had a really sweet sticky quality that managed to coat the throat and warm the body.  Being that my birthday is in February, it was the perfect option for cold winter nights sitting by the fire.  I have long since consumed that bottle and since moved on to a simple bottle of Laphroig 10 year.  Still a great scotch, but it is much smokier in nature than the previous bottle.

The other option I am fond of, but have a limited understanding of, is wine.  I am not really all that picky when it comes to wine, but I do have different versions I would much rather partake in over others.  Reds are definitely the route I tend to take.  I don’t seem to really have a dislike for any red overall.  There are certainly whites that I do not enjoy at all.  The reds I most prefer to drink are malbec, merlot, and definitely cabernet sauvignon.  I suppose I have types I tend to buy more, but I really don’t have a preference of one over another.  I just like something more full bodied.

Especially these days I rarely drink anything other than beer, but I will sometimes venture out into some of the other libations.  If you get me at an open bar wedding forget it.  If they are serving terrible beers, I will crush some gin and tonics and jack and cokes.  Guess it sort of depends on the situation I’m placed in.



  1. Scotch generally confuses me. But this sounds like a Scotch I might actually like.

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