The Best Cans Around

Craft beer in cans has come up a few times on this blog.  I was definitely skeptical when I started looking at the craft can market, but over the past year, I have absolutely become a convert.  21st Amendment and, locals, DC Brau are some of my favorite brews that come in a can. recently held their canned beer of the year awards on their site, and I was really happy to see some of my favorites make it into their top beers of different categories.  Take a look at their site for a little more in-depth, and much nicer, look at the finalists in each category.  I’ll just cover some of the highlights for me.

Top Stout: Oskar Blues – Ten Fidy – I haven’t had this one too many times, but I have had it just enough times to know it’s great. I love just about everything that Oskar Blues is doing.  Any beer in a can that is 10.5% Abv should at least be tried, and this one is one you’ll be happy you did.

Top Pale Ale: DC Brau – Public Ale – I did a review of these guys and an interview with them earlier this year.  I won’t lie; I am 100% biased.  These are two of the nicest guys I have randomly come across in DC, and they can really make a beer too.  This is definitely a go to beer for me when I’m out, and if you come visit DC sometime, you need to give it a try.

Shout out Top Belgian: 21st Amendment – Monk’s Blood – These guys didn’t win, but they do get a spot on the podium for being one of the best beers in the Belgian category.  Much like stouts, people have to be a little afraid of a Belgian beer that comes in a can.  You will definitely be happy you had this one though.  It’s real good.

Top Porter/Black/Dark Ale: 21st Amendment – Back in Black – This has to be my favorite consistently brewed black ipa available.  If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.  They do a great job of combining the hops, malts, and coffee into something great.

Top Design: 21st Amendment – Allies Win the War – This won for its appearance, but it’s a great beer too.  I have a can in the fridge right now waiting to be reviewed, but I have already enjoyed a few of them.  It’s a collaboration, so I don’t know how long it will be around.  If you can find it you should check it out.

They end their winners bracket with a category that got me most excited about the future of the can industry: Most Anticipated.  Here is where they feature breweries that will be joining the canning of craft beers.  Sierra Nevada won the poll, but they gave special mention to Cigar City, Golden Road, Bell’s, and Abita as well.

All in all, the can market is looking strong.  Not only does this show just how many good beers are already available in cans, but it helps to show the big names that will be joining the market.  We may never see a Dogfish in a can, but you’ll be able to enjoy a few more good brewers in a can pretty soon.

Thanks to for doing the survey.  Check them out to see the other winners I didn’t mention.  They have plenty of cans that won honors that I have never tried, and some I have never even seen.  Maybe I need to do a little more hunting!



  1. I have definitely learned to appreciate canned Craft Beer over the past couple years. 21st Amendment and Oskar Blues are my favorite canned beer brewers so far. Honorable mention goes to Brooklyn for their Summer Ale and Avery for canning their White Rascal. Love this trend! Hope it continues.


    • I haven’t tried the Avery or Brooklyn one yet, but I do love Avery. I’ve definitely seen the Avery one floating around though.

  2. You beat me to it. I ordered the Allies Win the War at the local beer bar last night. I don’t remember the last time I got a can of beer at a bar. Anyway, going to do something about cans in a day or two myself. Love Oskar Blues Tenfidy and just about everything I’ve had from 21st!.

    • I get cans at the bar all time when I’m not trying to spend money. A lot of times they have PBR or NattyBoh in them though. Oskar Blues and 21st have to be my canned favorites. I think there is something to say for breweries that are brewing everything in cans versus people who are just getting into it but are already established. I just wish 21st didn’t brew the watermelon one.

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