New Years Resolution

Losing weight for a new years resolution has to be one of the most overused and abused new years resolutions.  I, however, will hop

Beer, Bacon, or Both made me gain weight?

on the bandwagon this year.  Two years ago I had the same feeling I have right now: I need to get in shape.  It’s funny though, I am actually more active now than I was then.  At that time I had to join a gym, and I had absolutely no motivation to stay active.  I was playing hockey every Friday night, but other than that, I was doing nothing.  The resolution really didn’t take effect until I reached summer.  As a teacher, I was able to go to the gym every single day, and I had less stress which caused me to feel the need to eat less.  Then we went to Africa where I got a little sick, and sick of eating goat, so I managed to lose even more weight.  In the end, I managed to lose 20 lbs over one summer.  I felt great, I looked great, and I loved the compliments I got from others about how good I looked.  I think it’s about time for that again.  However, I want to do it more before going out on spring break with a bunch of friends.  I guess it’s time to create some kind of plan.

My biggest issues right now are a love for snacking and a love for great high calorie beer.  When you combine those two things there seems to be a deadly fattening combination.  I feel a certain responsibility to keep consuming different beers for this blog; however, I need to start limiting it to one beer every few days.  I feel like I can cut out the snacking with little difficulty.  I did it once, and with the proper frame of mind, I can do it again.  So really, I need to start watching just how many of these little amazing beers I consume.  It probably wouldn’t be a big deal if I had an addiction to Miller 64 or Michelob ultra, but thankfully I can say I’ve never consumed a single one of those beers.

Thanks to really indulging right before the new years I have even more weight to lose, but thanks to two days of eating right and exercising, I have managed to already shed 3 lbs or so.  Now it’s time to keep it up past a few days.  With that being said, you probably won’t notice a whole big difference in the beers I drink.  I will just be exercising a lot more, and I will be snacking less.  I’m hoping to be down 10 – 15 lbs in time for spring break.  Time will tell.



  1. I think we all forget that drinking beer, particularly high gravity beers, adds a ton of calories to our diets. Moderation is one way to deal with this. I try to limit the beers to almost nothing on week days. I’ve eliminated the unnecessary beer – a beer by myself, with every dinner, just because I want to at 9 PM, etc. The other way I limit my drinking is to have one less than I normally would. Let’s say I might have three or four on a Friday at the end of the work week. I’ll just make sure to have two, maybe three.

    The other thing we beer enthusiasts have to do is watch what we eat aside from beer. I’ve almost completely cut out fast food and desserts. I went to a bean/meat/vegetable diet before the holidays and am now doing a cleanse to start the new year. Plus, you have to exercise. Drinking beer requires training and discipline.

    • Definitely some good advice. I am sad to say that I had to figure this out on my own, but this is basically the route I’ll be taking. I have cut out basically all snacking. I’ll allow a few things here and there, but I used to polish off half a bag of chips after getting out of work. So I can’t do that anymore. Especially if I want to keep drinking good beer. At this point I’m allowing myself a beer in the middle of the week and a few more on the weekends. Everything in moderation though. I’m hoping for pretty quick results though. We’ll see. I like the subtract one method too though. I’ll have to give that a shot on a weekend where I’m having a few more.

      • Sounds like Jenny Craig should be advertising on beer blogs! I usually do a cleanse in Jan where I drink very little. Unfortunately (yeah right), I have a beer event tomorrow and a trip to New Orleans at the end of the month, so I’m going to have to work extra hard at being good the rest of the time.

        Exercise is the key for me. If I don’t do it, it won’t happen.

        I have a similar method to the subtract one. I go into every meal thinking “what would I normally have in this situation” and then try and have less. If I would normally have 3 pieces of pizza and two beers, I try to have a salad (no dressing), one piece and one beer – cutting out the beer if I really want to be good.

        As for blogging, I’m thinking cutting back won’t impact me to much. Heck, if I ONLY drank the beers I wrote about in my blog I’d be fine, but unfortunately my UnTappd account says I’ve drank a LOT more than that, LOL.

        Good luck!

      • Thanks even more for me to think about. I have managed to lose the weight before, but I took the whole summer off from most everything. So, now trying to do it during the school year will be harder. I look forward to the challenge though

  2. Dammit! Why does it seem like beer bloggers keep talking about this? You’re forcing me to contemplate my own waistline. I much prefer to continue my 1-2 beers per night, and pretend that I am still in my early 20s and swimming 5-10K yards/day.

    • I can’t help it. It’s that time of year. Although, if you keep trying to recreate things that are on epic mealtime you’ll have a much tougher time anyway.

      • Good point. It’s a good thing my wife is vegetarian (pescatarian?), otherwise there would be a lot more unhealthy s%&t going on around here.

    • Gotta do it now before BBQ season starts up again! Then it’s REALLY hard to lose any weight *burp*

      • Yeah seriously, Nothing goes better than combining beer and bbq. Now if only someone just blogged about those two topics.

      • Dogs of Beer, you make a good case for not even trying. It’s settled!

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