Craft Beer = Healthy Living

Having been at this blog for over half a year now, and having started to get more into running recently, I’ve wondered if I can balance my love of craft beer with some type of ultra healthy lifestyle.  I’m definitely not saying I’m living it right now, but it would be nice to know it’s possible.  Well some of these questions were answered for me while checking my facebook Monday after teaching.  Founders had posted a report created by about a study coming out of the UK by a group called the Beer Academy.

The site is reporting that with a moderate amount of consumption, quite a few different health benefits can be achieved.  The study defines moderate consumption as two drinks a day for men and one to two drinks a day for women.  I have a feeling some people will think that rather high (or maybe low).  I, however, am pleased to hear that.  I don’t have two drinks a day now, so apparently I am below even a moderate drinker.  The study did however note that excessive drinking cancels out any and all possible health benefits.

Take a look at the study.  Perhaps you’ll find it as heartening as I did.  It almost seems like every possible problem you can have gets diminished through moderate consumption.  These include lowering risk of cardiovascular disease, lowering risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and lowering risk of diabetes. There are a ton more to look at, but I’m already feeling better.

Check out the initial report on for more info.  


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