A Blog for the Ladies

Alright so maybe the title of this particular entry is a little sexist.  I thought it sounded catchy, but I hope ladies like my blog too.  Anyway, I wanted to give my wife a little entry on here.  She started her own blog the other day, Baking on the Run, and I figured I’d give her a little plug.  Her blog, like mine, sort of revolves around her interests.  Lately we’ve been running a lot more, although I think she is slightly more into it than I am.  So part of her blog deals with some of the running events we’ve done and the topic of running in general.  Secondly, she is an excellent baker and cook.  She made cupcakes for my hockey team, and one particular team mate said they were better than Georgetown Cupcakes.  For those of you not in DC, that is a pretty high compliment.  She talks about a few different things on there as well.  I suppose she has a “life” aspect to her blog too.  So check it out.  I really want her to see why I end up checking out my site stats way to many times during the day.  Hopefully she sees the highest influx of visitors today.


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  1. Awww! Thanks love! What a great hubby. Thanks for supporting me.

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