Quick Review: Swamp Ape IPA

When I started this beer blog, I think I said I had stockpiled about 5 different 750 ml bottles for tasting and review.  Since then, I have definitely increased that stockpile up to quite a few different beers that I would love to get through.  At the moment I have beers filling my little beer fridge, on top of my beer fridge, and stored away in my apartment cellaring box.  So, even though I’m going to go through a lot of these with some pretty in-depth reviews, I am also going to start doing some quick and dirty reviews. I have to give a little credit to another blog I read for the quick and precise review idea.  Although I doubt anyone really wants to see my mug on a video.  So you’ll survive with the written word.

This IPA was given to me by a friend with some pretty low comments.  He is a really big IPA fan, and he was interested in seeing just how bad I thought it was.  After tasting it I let him know I had it.  He said his review was, “I fart on this beer”.  I of course wanted to come into this one with a little less judgmental point of view; therefore, I didn’t read any reviews or anything before tasting this one.

Appearance: A very autumn orange color with a light white head.  There is a fair amount of lacing and some visible carbonation.

Smell: There is a very piney hop smell that permeates most of the profile.  It has a rather earthy tone to it with a slightly sweet aspect as well.

Taste: There are huge hop flavors here, but it has a strange sweet malt flavoring that is far to rich for a standard IPA.  The mingling of the sweetness throws off a lot of the hops to make it taste a little funky overall.  There are some orange and citrus flavors that accompany the rest of the flavors, but they don’t balance the beer out.

Mouthfeel: There is a high amount of carbonation that is necessary for the sweet aspect of this beer.  However, it doesn’t help remove the strange taste overall.  The piney hop flavors aren’t bad, and the mingling of the hops and citrus are okay, but the strange sweet malts throw the entire balance off.

I really came into this one wanting to keep an open mind, and I don’t think it was as bad as I expected, but it definitely isn’t a very good IPA.  I love hops and I love IPAs, but I couldn’t get past the sweet nature of this one.  Here’s to hoping that my next quick review is a little better.

Teacher Grade: D


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