Black (Beer) Friday!

Prior to Thanksgivings day, there were plenty of posts about the different beers that would be consumed during everyone’s big meals.  I, however, was unable to participate in this discussion.  We headed up to a retirement community to eat dinner, and there is definitely no beer served at all with the meal.  Therefore, I have decided that the day after Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated for more than just a day of mass spending.  In addition to many others’ mass consumption, I’m hoping for a little beer consumption myself.  It only seems appropriate that I would consume any beer that is Black on Black Friday.  Now I know we should not make too much out of the actual color of the beer, but I have to on a day called black friday.

Here was my hopeful purchase of the day.  I’m up in Pennsylvania for the holidays and about 10 miles from Victory Brewing company.  According to their site, they released Dark Intrigue the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Now Dark Intrigue is Victory’s Storm King Stout aged in Jim Beam and Heaven Hill Distilleries bourbon barrels.  Now I was extremely hopeful for this to be my big Black Friday purchase; however, it was released Wednesday.  So, I was extremely hopeful that there was still a bottle available.  However, when I arrived at the brewery, they informed me that there had been a couple hundred people there on Wednesday.  Needless to say, I found myself without a bottle.

We decided instead to sit down in the Victory restaurant before making any purchases.  I enjoyed my bbq sandwich and a few different pints.  As I said, I would only be drinking Black beers on Black Friday; therefore, I enjoyed both the Storm King Stout and Yakima Glory.  The Storm King made up half of the Dark Intrigue.  Never having enjoyed their imperial stout, I really enjoyed the extremely dark and rich roasted malts and coffee.  I wish I would have been able to taste it aged in bourbon barrels.  The Yakima Glory reminded me more of a Black IPA, but it was lacking in some of the rich malty roasted quality.  Now they don’t bill it as a black ipa, but as a dark ipa.  This is a lot closer to what it really was.  It had some of those rich malts and a whole lot of the hops as well.

In the end I still ended up taking a bottle home.  This is slightly surprising because it is a lot harder to buy individual bottles when shopping in Pennsylvania.  However, I guess a brewery was able to swing it.  I ended up buying a bottle of their Otto Ale.  This apparently is a Smoked Belgian Dubbel.  This is not their standard beer, which means it has no description on their site.  The little manuel at the restaurant described it as a Rauchbier, which only made me more interested.  Therefore, I’m still pretty happy with my purchase.

Even though I didn’t get the beer I wanted, I’m still really happy I enjoyed some black beers on black friday.  Tonight I’m going to keep it up, and I will only be consuming black beers.  Consider this my way of celebrating black friday.

So what are you black friday beers?  Maybe you haven’t really considered it yet, but you really should.  Buy something tonight purely based on the color of the alcohol.


  1. Drat. I just read this. Had I read it Friday I would have pulled out the DFH Bitches Brew instead of the Old Chub! I think Black (beer) Friday should be more widely recognized.

    • As a husband who was forced out for shopping, I felt that I needed something to reclaim the day. Hence, black beer friday. My own idea, but I think something that needs a little more hype next year!

  2. I like it, we have some great new beers here in the UK courtesy of an increase in the popularity of Black IPA and the like, as well as the usual suspects 😉

    I met Jim Busch from Victory randomly at a brewery called Hawkshead in the Lake District (Cumbria UK). I happened to be in their great beer house visiting the head brewer on my way to a long weekend. Got treated to an impromptu tour of the brewery too, BONUS!
    Check it out here:

    Cheers, Phil

    • Thanks for the insight and starting to follow the blog as well. I have to say I don’t know if I’ll ever have the stroke of luck to just run into a brewer. Very nice blog about it though.

      • Cheers, if you are ever in the UK it’s well worth a visit, there are a few other posts about the area on the site, Hardknott Pass is worth a look if not for the beer, the absolutely stunning scenery. All the best & likewise thanks for the follow too

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