Paste’s Favorite Winter Ales

I’m not one to normally share any beer news or research that I find; however, I do read a lot of blogs that do this.  Therefore,
keeping up with my associates, Paste Magazine posted their top 10 winter ales of this season.  Paste is one of those multimedia sites that covers everything from Music, to TV, to Movies, and to general life interests.

I found this list interesting because it comes at the right time for me.  Over the past two weeks I have purchased beers specifically for the purpose of finding out if there is a particular winter beer that will be my go-to beer.  I have had a few different ones, but I know there is something out there that I could buy more in bulk and slowly consume throughout the long winter months.

Here is the ranking for the ten different beers they tasted.  They have ranked them from 1-10.  Obviously 1 is the best and the number 10 beer was their least favorite.  On the site each one has a little write-up; therefore, click on the link at the bottom of the page to check out those write-ups.

10. Harpoon – Winter Warmer

9. New Belgium – Snow Day Winter Ale

8. Red Brick – Old Stock

7. Brooklyn – Winter Ale

6. Ommegang – Adoration Special Winter Ale

5. Heavy Seas – Winter Storm Category 5 Ale

4. Nogne O – Winter Ale

3. Bell’s – Hell Hath No Fury

2. Samuel Smith – Winter Welcome

1. Great Divide – Hibernation

Obviously this is a limited listing of just the 10 beers they were reviewing; however, it has me wondering what everyone chooses to drink over the winter months.  Out of the ten listed here, I have had the Harpoon.  Although when I first had it I thought it was amazing; I have since returned to it and not really enjoyed it as much.  It’s too much like a christmas tree in a bottle for me.  Right now I have both New Belgium and Heavy Seas one at home to try.  So, I’m interested to break into these soon.  However, I’ll now be on the look out for the rest of these.  Obviously I really want to give the Great Divide release a try.

Refer to the Paste site for the write up on their opinions.

So, what are your winter beer picks?



  1. I am not a winter warmer fan. I’m not ever really sure what constitutes as a winter warmer. Malty? Spiced? Bitter? Whatever.

    I used to buy the Bell’s every year, but I think I’ll pass this year. My palate has changed and it just doesn’t do it for me.

    What I will drink this winter will be imperial stouts, barley wines (esp the aged variety), and maybe a few Belgian beers for special occasions. As far as actual seasonal releases, I like the beers put out by Mikkeller and Avery’s Old Jubilation is pretty good as an old ale.

    • Thanks for the recommendations. Yeah I agree, even though I am interested in winter beers this year, I’ll still be sticking with a lot of stouts, porters, and probably a few browns too. I love these all year round though.

  2. […] other week I did a little post on Paste’s favorite winter ales.  Coincidentally, last night I managed to have their number one beer: Great Divide – […]

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