Apartment Cellaring

Having started this beer and music blog about half a year ago, the music I listen to and the way I drink have been

perhaps only a dream

affected in small ways.  I started to keep track of new beer releases, and I end up at the store just about every week picking up reviewable stuff.  I have also really started to stockpile things to drink and review.  Finally, I have started to put a lot more thought into the things I listen to.  I consistently question if this is review worthy.  I’m not really saying these are bad things, but I suppose it actually complicates things slightly.

One of the next aspects I’m looking to do is take a step into cellaring beers.  Now I don’t actually have a cellar; however, a fellow beer blogger suggested I find a box, put a few beers in it, and stash it under a bed or in a closet.  At first I wasn’t really all that sold on the idea.  I have a problem with instant gratification; however, I finally decided to go through with it when I realized I have a bunch of different beers I want to hold onto for future consumption.  Therefore, I cleared out a box I’ve had since I was a teenager and got to work.

I decided on 5 beers to start the cellaring process.

1. Stone – 15 year Imperial Black IPA

2. Schlafly Reserve – Barleywine-style Ale 2008

3. Dogfish Head – Bitches Brew

4. Founders – Backwoods Bastard

5. Founders – Breakfast Stout

Now I wanted to ultimately get this box under my bed; however, I was unable to do that because the box is too thick and my bed is too low.  Therefore I placed the box in my closet.  The only problem there is that it does get occasional light.  So I decided to put a towel over the beers to protect them.  I don’t really want to affect the temperature of the beers while they are in there; however, we keep the bedroom pretty cold, so I don’t think it will be affected.

I’m not really sure when I’ll end up breaking into a lot of these beers, but I’m excited to see how some of these taste after a little bit of time.  I’m especially looking forward to the Stone 15 year.  I’m hoping that this expands my horizon on some of these beers, and perhaps, gives me even more to talk about on here.

So that’s where I’m at.  Do any of my readers have suggestions for a little better method on the cellaring technique?  I’m sort of new to this, but definitely fully invested in it.



  1. I think that’s a good start. Personlly, I’d drink the Stone 15 and the FBS sooner than later. The hops on the Stone will fade with time. Of course, if you’re intent is to taste the beer under the hops, then go for it. The coffee in the FBS will fade much like the hops.

    That barley wine gets better with age. A 2008 is probably ready now, but it won’t hurt to let it sit. I’ve found barley wines to be the easiest and benefitting the most from some time in the cellar/closet. Backwoods Bastard always needs aging. I’d love to try the DfH after some years are put on it.

    Your plan seems pretty reasonable to me. Best to forget about cellared beers or you’ll just obsess over them.

    • Thanks for the idea and the suggestions on the few beers I have in there. I really wanted to wait on the 15 year till my one year anniversary of this site, but I want it to be just as good, so maybe that one comes out sooner. I figure I won’t obsess over this, but if I get something good for aging, I can at least throw it in there.

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