To drink or wait?

So I did manage to come across one bottle of Canadian Breakfast Stout.  Thankfully, I only ended up paying retail for it, instead of those who sought it out and managed to pay close to $100 for it.  Now that I have this rare bottle, when should I actually consume it?  Typically on Fridays I’ll have a bigger bottle to celebrate the close of a week.  Therefore, should I drink it this week or do I wait?  But, if I wait, how long should I wait?

I figured the best way to make my decision was to see what everyone else was doing.  Now my last poll was more or less a bust, but if you have one of these bottles, how long are you waiting to consume it?  I’m basically just interested in seeing what everyone else is doing.





  1. I have one and have not yet consumed it. I’ll handle it much the same way I handled the one bottle of Dark Lord I had. Basically, I held onto that bottle until the right moment arrived and I couldn’t wait anymore to drink it. I wanted to share it as a big beer in a big bottle can be too much to drink alone. However, I didn’t want to share it with a big group and only get a tiny pour.

    One Friday, a friend invited me and another guy we homebrew with to hang out for the evening over a few beers. Without announcing, I showed up with my contribution which included the DL. I figure the same will happen at some point with my CBS.

    I think that if you want to drink it on Friday, go for it. However, don’t cellar it for years as you’ll have nothing with which to compare. We’re supposed to get a keg of it in town in a week or two. I may hold onto mine longer just so I have a comparison, but I suspect I’ll drink my CBS before the year is out.

    • I do agree with this concept. I would like to share this one with someone, but I don’t want to share it with a huge group. I’ll probably wait and see if the right time presents itself. However, I do doubt I’ll be able to hold out much longer than another month or so.

      I don’t think I really want to drink it this Friday, but when I open my beer fridge I see it every time. It’s very tempting. I have a feeling one of these times I’ll just give in and drink it.

      • You need a beer cellar. I use a closet in our finished basement. Even then, I usually put rare and valuable beers in wine boxes so that I don’t have to look at them. This is how I’ve been able to keep from drinking certain beers for several years. Out of sight, out of mind.

        Of course, now you’ve got me thinking that I wouldn’t mind cracking my CBS open during the World Series tonight…

  2. Ha, I do need a beer cellar. I live in a two bedroom two bath condo in the middle of washington dc. So, space is at a premium. Most beers go right in the extra little beer fridge I have, but I do have a few others that sit and wait on top of my dresser. Of course, I am extremely afraid of the cat knocking a bottle down.

    • Is there any room in a closet or under the bed? Any place you can keep a few bottles in a controlled environment away from the light should do.

      • Yeah, I should figure that out. There is something like that I could do. I have a few bottles I need to get in that environment for sure.

  3. Jealous.

  4. […] I already have a bottle. There’s some debate out there as to when is the best time to crack open said bottle. I planned to open mine at some point before the end of the year. Now, I won’t have to as […]

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