Avery Brewing Company – The Reverend

I manage to sometimes pick up a few bottles a week for this blog and, of course, my own enjoyment.  Unfortunately, that also means I always have new things to add into my selection.  This also results in somethings getting pushed back in the line of getting reviewed or even tasted.  Of course, some of them I just eventually end up drinking without reviewing, but I always find it harder to do it with the bigger bottles.  This is one of those bottles.  I seem to remember picking this one up sometime before the summer; however, I never got around to drinking it until this past weekend.  Ultimately I had to get around to it, I just finally decided to not drink some others newer bottles I was really craving and pick this one up instead.

Now that sounds like I didn’t really want to consume this one; however, quite the contrary, there were just others I had been dying to try even more.  There are a few reasons why I wanted to have the others first.  One, I have had quite a few things by Avery, and I have a few more limited edition bottles I wanted to try first.  Second, this is a quadrupel ale, and that is definitely not my favorite type of beer.  Third, it has 10% Abv, and I play hockey every friday night.  Therefore, it would be the only thing I would be drinking that night.  Well, at least until after hockey.

I picked this one up a few months back when I had just recently enjoyed my first bottle of Collaboration not Litigation.  I really liked that beer, and I wanted to check out another interesting product of theirs.  I’m actually pretty sure I purchased this without even checking what type of beer it contained.  Talk about an impulse buy!  Having also enjoyed a few other Avery products, I was really excited to try this one out.  Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

The Reverend pours out a reddish brown hue.  The clarity on it is a little hazy, but not terribly hazy overall.  It does produce some very light head; however, there really isn’t much accumulation to speak of.  It’s mostly lacking in the head. It’s a very heavy beer overall.  There is some white lacing that results, but once again, it really isn’t all that significant.  The look is very much like the other quads I’ve had in the past.

The smell that comes through the most is some really dark rich fruits.  It has almost a very boozy cherry scent to it.  There seems to be a little hint of grapefruit in there as well.  The smell is certainly sweet.  It smells like it could have some caramel or molasses in it as well.  There really isn’t much in the way of hops here at all, but you can pull out some of the malts.  One of the most overwhelming characteristics is the booze.  For some reason, that is always the smell that comes out with most of the quads I’ve had.

The dark rich cherry taste definitely comes out at the onset of the taste.  These combine with some deep rich malts as well.  The sweetness immediately follows the fruits.  It definitely tastes closer to the rich sweetness of molasses rather than caramel.  It is a little sweet for me; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people really like this aspect to it.  Finally, it leads into a really strong boozy finish.  As I continue to find with quads, the booze is almost overwhelming.  It definitely lingers long into the aftertaste.  This is one of those types of beers that won’t let you forget that you are drinking alcohol.

The mouthfeel here has a slight syrup quality that I find a little off-putting.  I think it could be due to the molasses, or the fact that it is so high in alcoholic content, but it really makes it slightly thick.  Another thing that makes it seems a little syrupy is the light carbonation involved.  A high amount of carbonation would help take away from the overall syrup feel.  Finally, the really boozy quality that leads into the aftertaste creates a slight issue.  I want to sit down, most the time, and enjoy a few beers.  This one doesn’t allow it.  It has such a heavy quality that you really can’t have a lot more than just this bottle.

I really like Avery, and I think I wanted to like this one more than I actually did.  There are a few others in the series Avery makes called the “Holy Trinity of Ales”.  I have a feeling I would have enjoyed the other two in the trinity more than this one.  Either way, this is a good beer if you love this style.  I, on the other hand, would much rather stick to the porters, ipas, and tripels I know I love.

Teacher Grade: C+


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