Sea Dog – Apricot Wheat Ale

First of all, I would like to explain how I happened to get this beer for reviewing.  First of all, I promise I didn’t go into a store and seek out the fruitiest beer I could find.  Actually, I was at a party for Easter this weekend and another member of the party brought a few different Sea Dog beers to the party.  They had a wide, and fruity, variety.  At the end of the party there were quite a few left over.  So, I figured I would bring home a few to review. There were three different types of beer in the pack.  I brought home a blueberry, raspberry, and apricot.  I have had a taste of an apricot before, but it was by DogFish head.  I don’t remember hating it, but I know I’m never really a big fan of any fruit beer.  My second reason for reviewing this beer is that I have gotten a little flack for giving everything I review good grades.  Let me be honest about my reviewing, I buy what I like.  I suppose I should go out on a limb a little bit more, but since I’m a little stocked up at the moment, I don’t really see that happening very soon.  So this seemed like a perfect time to review something I probably wouldn’t give an A right away.

With all that in mind, I did try to go into this one with an open mind. I knew I wouldn’t go into drinking this beer giving it an A before sipping it, but I would like to think it wouldn’t be a F (or E) either.  This beer is from a brewer in Maine.  I have never actually heard of them before, but I went to Maine last summer and enjoyed a few different locally brewed beers up there.  The big flavor up there is blueberry.  So, I actually had already had blueberry beer up there before coming across this one.  Therefore I decided to review this Maine brewers apricot beer.

As always I started with the appearance and smell of the beer.  Being that this is a wheat beer, I more or less was expecting certain things.  The beer has a golden, almost apple juice, color to it.  This really didn’t worry me to much.  Around this time of year I really enjoy wheat and hefeweizen beers.  The smell of the beer was very faint.  It had a very light aroma to it with a little hint of fruit in there.  I suppose it’s pretty obvious there should be fruit in an apricot wheat ale.

One thing made me very happy about the taste, the apricot was not overwhelming.  My wife loves to drink lambic beers.  Personally I can’t stand them.  They have a very rich and thick fruit flavor to them.  However, this beer relies more on the wheat aspect then the fruit flavoring.  To me that is extremely important.  I don’t think it is very rich in the wheat flavor, but I suppose that is more due to the fact that it isn’t meant to be a true wheat only beer.  The apricot flavor really comes through in the after taste.  That is sort of where the beer turns sour for me.  I realize that no matter how faint the taste, it is hard for me to get past the fruit flavoring.

Overall, I don’t think this is a terrible beer or anything, but I do have trouble getting past the fruit flavor in the beer.  If you are into fruity beers, I think this beer could be for you.  But, thankfully for me, I was able to switch over to a lovely homebrewed Vanilla Whiskey Stout from the writer of Hockey and Beer.  Check him out if you’d like.  He makes me mean stout.

Teacher Grade: C


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